Welcome to the Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity.

We are all living through a period of revolution that we have never experienced before. Science and technology are at the center of the change, including digital transformation and artificial intelligence accelerated by infectious diseases, and climate change.

Without understanding science and technology, it is difficult to deal with the ever-changing world and to make a reasonable voice in the process of decision-making within the society we belong to.

What science and technology are pursuing is a better life for all. It is time for us to cultivate future leaders who will lead the world paying attention to the development of the world based on science and technology.

KOFAC provides various science and technology culture programs to foster an environment where students can learn science and technology in schools and support students to connect their knowledge to richer experiences in society beyond classrooms. In addition, we are working with various partners to help future leaders to grow with in-depth and diverse experiences.

Please join us on the journey, and give us strong advice and warm support. Thank you.

From All Members of the Korea Foundation for the Advancement of Science & Creativity.